Love addiction is more common than we think many know about. Love addicts will may fall in love very easily and/or quickly, they might get lost in the fantasy of being in a relationship, ignore red flags, stay in relationships that are toxic, lose themselves, or not able to let go. Today we are joined by Shena Tubbs, who is a Relational Trauma and Love Addiction Expert, Coach, and Licensed Professional Counselor based out of Houston, TX. She is the founder of Black Girls Heal, and online community dedicated to helping women of color break the cycles of unavailable relationships & love addiction, heal unresolved childhood trauma and improve their self love to make way for the love they want. With these specializations, Shena hosts the Black Girls Heal podcast which talks about all things love addiction, intimacy, attachment and healing internal wounds. Her coaching programs housed under The Recovery School helps give women proven and tested systems to break these cycles and change their life.

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Facebook: Shena Tubbs

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